• Image of Autumn 2017 Soy Candle Tins
  • Image of Autumn 2017 Soy Candle Tins
  • Image of Autumn 2017 Soy Candle Tins
  • Image of Autumn 2017 Soy Candle Tins
  • Image of Autumn 2017 Soy Candle Tins

October is an electric mix of smokey pumpkins, apples, licorice, butterscotch & marshmallows. Leaves on the winds, old favorite books, hay, mud and damp sidewalks. Caramel, coffees & dark chocolates too--

bbl. I'll be reading more Ray Bradbury and pouring more candles >^_^< xoxo KaydieMarie

OCTOBER: Early sunset in a Pumpkin Patch where we can munch on Halloween treats (licorice bats, smokey caramel corn, sweet candy corn) and watch the wind kick up leaves.

MOM"S SWEET POTATOES: Mom's favorite sweet potatoes are overflowing sticky sweet brown sugar & marshmallows.

ORANGE CRANBERRY SCONES: Zesty orange cranberry scones drenched in vanilla icing.

HARVEST FESTIVAL: Smokey, Autumn bonfires warming dripping candy apples, caramel apples, caramel corn & caramel pralines.

PIPKIN: Smoldering pumpkins in a tree, smokey chocolates & spices floating on the wind. No treats! Only Tricks in this spectral game of tag...

TOM SKELTON: Leading his friends through Halloween horrors Tom brings toasted marshmallows, licorice, pumpkins, apples and dark chocolate treats to their Halloween game.

CARAPACE CLAVICLE MOUNDSHROUD: Mysteries, histories, magic and an overabundance of trickery! Layers upon layers of smoke, forests, bonfires & pine cones. Musky, musty, marshy(mallow) weirdness.

HALLOWEEN TREE-O 2oz SAMPLER: 2oz sampler trio of my Halloween Tree inspired scents, Pipkin, Tom Skelton & CC Moundshroud.

- Created with creamy soy wax, fragrances & love.

- Once the candle is fully used these amazing art tins can be used to store trinkets. No glues are used to fix the wick down so it's easy to clean & re-purpose.

- 2oz tin dimensions approx. 2 across, 1 1/2 tall with lid on. 4oz tin dimensions approx. 2 1/2" across, 1 3/4" tall with lid on.

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